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Killer Case

All I want for Christmas is my pride back. POMP and Uncle Norme, the pompus jackasses they are, decided to just drop by a national radio show for a shameless plug in the form of HtR t-shirts. Instead, all they leave with is shame. Frank Edward Nora attempts to cheer them up with a cup […]

Plug Whores

Sometimes it has to be done. This show was a plug fest, and yet we don’t have any paying advertisers. After informing the audience about (.net) we caught Jim Florentine on his way to the Palisades Mall in Nyack, NJ to perform at Rascals Comedy Club. Ray learned a lot about Hate the Radio […]

Win An Xbox 360

We hit the phones to ask, “Would you like to win an Xbox 360?” The answers were surprising. We apologized to Robert Kelly for a previous annoyance during the O and A show, and chatted with an ASS-Tastic chick from Oswego (Ahs-weee-go). Anyone is welcome to call, and will be promptly hung up on. Hate […]

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