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Guilty As Charged

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but just adding a word or two to the front of someone else’s project is just being a cheap copycat. Court is now in session to not only address copyright infringement, but also the issue of missing shows from Hate the Radio. Al has been neglecting his duties […]


The most abused drug in America was delivered this week for consumption during the show. The government has tried to stop the sale of this product but POMP was able to purchase it online. Quite possibly a radio first but most certainly a first for the cast of HtR. Uncle Norme leaves the show to […]

Kid Friendly

The Internet is no place for a child, and now that our show can be heard on cellphones and WiFi enabled devices like the InFusion we decided to clean up our act. We even designed a few helpful tricks to aid us in remembering to watch what we say. The tools of the trade: a […]

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