Archive for 2006

Toilet Humor

Exit goosesteps his way into the studio and informs us of his usual, unusual demands. The toilet paper must be placed on the holder and turned in the correct direction. The Zadoc Nightmare continues to curse its members with house fires. Al’s phone, the PO Box, and many other bills have gone unpaid as a […]


We get white and nerdy on this episode. Apple™ has already been late to the table when being involved with Podcasting. Now Apple™ is making claims that sound like they own the word “Podcast” and many portable media producers are getting upset. Will this effect iPod™ sales? Al helps Ray deal with a headphone issue. […]

Not You Again

After Robert Kelly was kind enough to be interviewed on our show last year, POMP really felt a strong connection to him. POMP then proceeded to call Bob every couple of weeks or so just to say hi. Usually when he had been drinking. Robert returned many of the calls after he had a few […]

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