Horseplay or Foreplay

Strap on your bridles as our “tack-less” hosts take you for a rough ride. Challenge your own horse name knowledge as well as your ability to stomach vulgar sex terms. What is it about these large powerful animals that make men jealous and women’s hearts race? POMP is your MC for this romp in the hay, while Al and RaYzor take turns considering the truth behind these strange aliases.

Hate the Radio – HtR – Horseplay or Foreplay.mp3

Chris Daniels & the Kings – Don’t Change Horses in the Middle of the Stream
Johnne Tuzza – Game Show
Echo of Souls – Games Without Frontiers
Various – Game Show Themes
Brad Sucks – Various Music
HtR Classic:
Kid Friendly (Un-Aired Excerpt)

Super Plot

The Meaning of Life is answered in this episode. Apparently, it is making lists and then sub-lists of those lists. POMP is called to testify but this time it’s not for his own wrong-doings. POMP is planning his next career as an Expert Witness. He is available to mumble critical opinions in his own agitated and monotone voice for a fee. Does Lassie go for help when you drop on the floor from a coronary? Or does she just eat your face and then bust through the screen door. Do you ever wake up to find your pet staring at you with ill-intent? Ray’s cats are certainly plotting his demise.

Hate the Radio – HtR – Super Plot.mp3

Guns N’ Roses – Used to Love Her
Brad Sucks – Fake It
Brad Sucks – Total Breakdown
Brad Sucks – Dirtbag
The Douglas Fir – Superfly
Lee Maddeford – The Devil & His Dog
Bombskare – World Turned Upside Down
Bad Religion – Struck A Nerve

Syntax Error

The Nerd Herd gathers this time to talk tech. No, this is not the one millionth review of the iPad. In this episode the boys go old school when V.92 was king, and if you didn’t have flood control enabled, you were Nuked. Think Geek as the Nerdcore fills your RAM along with descriptions of Al, RaYzor and POMP’s first CPUs. So get out your tape drive and press play, to load this SCSI program into your memory.

Hate the Radio – HtR – Syntax Error.mp3

Ed Roberts (computer engineer)
Collection of Uncommon Commodore Computers

Pro Audio – Sean, We Were Uncool
Dr. Awkward – Geekquilibrium
Futuristic Sex Robotz – Welcome To The Internet

Fatal Exception

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