Carpet Samples

The lovely Yoko guest stars on this weeks show. Way too much alcohol consumption by POMP. Carpet Samples: The Home Game coming soon. Other topics include: Monster Cock, Ass Eating, Condom Use, Lesbian Love. POMP needs a sandwich, RaYzor needs a girl and Uncle Norme needs a restraining order, against him. Our apologies for skipping out on last weeks show. To make up for it, there’s an extra hour of audio called ‘The Yoko File’ located in the Links section.

Hate the Radio – HtR – Carpet Samples

Jack Daniels
Exploding Migrant Workers
Extra File:
The Yoko File
Bob Gentry – The Easy Way
Brother Love – Sick Of Chicks
John McCloy – Just Believe It
Blackout Pilot – Still Healing

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