80 Proof Birthday

POMP is now over 3 decades old and enjoyed a few calls from the “alcoholic family tree” in this episode. Ray was just phoning it in from the club where his band Zadoc…and the Nightmare were playing. The News Gash gets bashed for causing such a stir from the listeners with her off-color remarks about colored people. Al tries to make up for 31 years of not drinking by sucking down the local liquor store. The phones are heating up at HtR as everyone wants to get in on the act. UK Stalker Clive was more interested in pancakes than all the snakes leaving Ireland, but who can blame him. Lesson learned: If you ask an Aussie a question, don’t expect a direct answer. Ya carrots.

Hate the Radio – HtR – 80 Proof Birthday

Jim Beam
Natalie Portman
Extra File:
Later That Night
Denis Leary – Traditional Irish Folk Song
James Connolly – Danny Boy
The Bloody Irish Boys – Drunk Tonight
Murder the Stout – Irish Rover
Brobdingnagian Bards – Johnny Jump Up

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