Calling Casey

Every listener is important to us, even the ones that have negative comments for the show. That’s why we return all feedback to the show. We’re sure Casey is pleased that we finally returned his call. We’re still doing our part for race relations. We didn’t say we were trying to help anybody get along. The rich appear to still be getting richer, but not becoming any better dressers. Demon customer RaYzor attacks yet another customer service representative in his continuing effort to extort free services and equipment from Fortune 500 companies.

Hate the Radio – HtR – Calling Casey

Choking Game
J.K. Rowling
Service Calls
Brokeback Mountain – The Wings
Jim’s Big Ego – Asshole
Duwayne A. Wright – Children of War
Berman – Life in the Stars
Something to Burn – Bleeding Over

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