POMP’s Defeat

POMP took his lumps this week but it didn’t take long before Al and Ray were under the bus with him. We announced the new HtR call-in numbers; 1-888-DAMN-HtR and 1-6606-75-HATE. Mel called in to beg our audience for votes on another radio station’s website in order to win a free trip to the dentist. We also announce the start of our 06-06-06 Contest to give away iPod Nanos, Best Buy gift cards and Ray’s Box. Also cooking tips from the Bosnian Muslim line cook from Al’s job, and POMP’s latest movie idea.

Hate the Radio – HtR – POMP’s Defeat

Tom Green
Josh Woodward – She’s On My Mind
Hoverfly – Crash Land
Brad Sucks – Dirtbag
Supersuckers – Gato Negro
Sister Machine Gun – Smash Your Radio

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