Agent X

With growing anxiety about the flight to Denver, Al contacts a friend of the show who happens to be a Federal Air Marshal to ask some questions regarding his first flying experience. Can Uncle Norme join the Mile-High club by himself, or will airport security tackle him for bringing the Killer Case? Agent X brought up a few of his Jack Bauer-esque on-the-job stories, and one about shooting at his child in the hopes to train him better. He also gave us his own testimonial for how well ‘Ray Deals’ worked in ordering pizza at the White House.

Hate the Radio – HtR – Agent X

Federal Air Marshals
Killer Case
Supersuckers – Flying Into the Mid-Day Sun
Douglas Fir – Superfly
Jim’s Big Ego – WTFMFWTFAYT?
Atomsplit – Americanized
Zadoc…and the Nightmare – Between

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