America Fuck Yeah

Look for HtR’s new cooking show on an MP3 player near you. The USA has survived another year on this planet. Even though allegedly the rest of the world hates us. Maybe they are just jealous of our digital watches. With a few markers and cardboard or a convertible top car you too can be the best float in most 4th of July parades. Agent X serves his country by spending the taxpayers money in Canada while Ray demonstrates his patriotic duty to consumerism by cheating companies out of more of their money. If you enjoy piss-warm rain showers, mean people, and heat strokes, Ray recommends moving to the great state of Florida where he went to forget about his parents divorce.

Hate the Radio – HtR – America Fuck Yeah

Canadian Sales Tax
Geno’s Steaks
Florida Sucks
Dennis Madalone – America We Stand As One
Belt – The American Holiday Song
Corporate Avenger – Taxes Are Stealing
Bad Religion – American Jesus
Tadago Pie – Dumbing Of America

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