Bailing Out

E is for empty, as in Ray’s head. E is also for effort, as in how much does it take to stop and fill the tank? Yet another employer is bent under Al’s will. All they want to do is hire some schmuck at a very low wage and make some money off his blood, sweat and tears, but Al comes along with his brain intact and makes demands that would embarrass a union boss. Lesson for the week: If you post something personal on a community website, the community may just read it.

Hate the Radio – HtR – Bailing Out

Filling Up The Tank
Finding a Job in NY
Aid for NY Flood Victims
Zadoc…and the Nightmare – Barefoot
Rising Conviction – Trinity
Artificial Intelligence in Texas – The Modern Rules of Love
Weird Al Yankovic – You’re Pitiful
New MaximumDonkey – Telephone

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