The trio of motherfuckers band together once again in Studio 3-4 to glitter each other up into the new state of man. A pair of headphones, one hard drive, a couple hundred braincells and a trip to the emergency room later, Al sports a brilliant head of hair. POMP finds out that there really is nothing quite like a shorn scrotum, all while Ray sits in the corner and tears his own face off. Special guests include a visit from Fred & Barney!

Hate the Radio – HtR – Metrosexual

Just For Men
Nair Down There
Facial Peel
Geoff Smith – Metrosexual
Dusty Hughes – Ignite
Blue Number Nine – He’s The One That I Should…
Jellybricks – Simple Me
Ampsex – Porno Movie
Brad Sucks – Making Me Nervous
Barely Hi-Fi – In Certain Circles

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