Toilet Humor

Exit goosesteps his way into the studio and informs us of his usual, unusual demands. The toilet paper must be placed on the holder and turned in the correct direction. The Zadoc Nightmare continues to curse its members with house fires. Al’s phone, the PO Box, and many other bills have gone unpaid as a result of the lack of money the show is raising at this point. And so the whoring begins again. POMP fails to impress the young female administering his drug test. Al is now fully trained by POMP to service all his needs and wash the dishes.

Hate the Radio – HtR – Toilet Humor

POMP’s License
Mafia Life
Seth’s Fire
The RedLine – Money
Starseven – My Money Back
Spun Rivals – Money Song
The Like Young – For Money Or Love
CleVa – Money And Fame
Jim Testa – Jean Sheperd

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