Dear RaYzor

Al falls in the shop, trying to play mechanic. While a young punk in PA is still trying to make a car run, that Al sold him back in 2004. As Al’s arm swells to twice it’s normal size, our listeners take advantage of our generations greatest living thinker, RaYzor. Love, life and the pursuit of cheap Merlot, there is no question that he will avoid, unless he can. You too can learn the secret to a long and happy relationship from this modern master of the heart.

Hate the Radio – HtR – Dear RaYzor.mp3

Al’s Capri Buyer
Mafia Life
Send a Dear RaYzor
Three Man – The Professionals
AMPSEX – Porno Movie
All Girl Summer Fun Band – Dear Mr And Mrs Troublemaker
American Anthem – Complicated

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