In Spades

Nothing can stop them now, except a poorly lacking power system for the studio, and Al’s lack of interest in producing podcasts in a timely manner. The HtR lawyers rattled some nerves over at Apparently our name isn’t good enough for Tom, but it is for Neil. It only takes one phone call to straighten it out. Let that be a lesson to all of you that would mess with HtR. Our very intoxicated guest this week had much to report from one of the White House bedrooms. Kiss and Tell, more like Stain and Tell. POMP is doing his part for race relations in America.

Hate the Radio – HtR – In Spades.mp3

Tom Green
Neil Hamburger
Something To Burn – Spades
Bombskare – World Turned Upside Down
Uncrowned – Believe in Goodbye
Tommy Brown – Who That Lady
Beat Happening – Black Candy

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